The winner of the contest
"A logo for Ponte Vecchio"

Un marchio per la bellezza

Salvatore Bruni wins the prize raffled by the craftsmen of the Ponte Vecchio Association. His project has been chosen among the nearly 1.000 projects received from all over the world.

The new logo will be used to represent and promote the development of tourism and trade of the Ponte Vecchio.


Since 1593, when the 'Grand Duke Ferdinando I° ordered that the places had to be exclusively assigned to goldsmiths, jewellers and silversmiths, Ponte Vecchio in Florence is synonymous with craftsmanship and luxury.
After facing fires, floods, wars and anything that human insanity and negligence resulted in seven centuries of history, Ponte Vecchio still stands out. Glorious and eternal, sure of its titanic victory against time.

The Competition
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"A logo for Ponte Vecchio Bridge Florence".
Photo Gallery
A special place, Ponte Vecchio in Florence, where you can see how every handicraft is unique and valuable, due to the skill of the Florentine craftsmen.
The Association
Association Ponte Vecchio Florence : an association of craftsmen,
synonymous with quality and uniqueness of their products.