Association Ponte Vecchio

The Associazione Ponte Vecchio was formed by all those who have a (work)shop on the Old Bridge (in Italian, Ponte Vecchio) and for this reason have an interest in promoting this historic landmark.
We are interested in developing touristic and commercial activities of the Ponte Vecchio, also through initiatives aimed at improving the image and aesthetics of the location, in the interest of our associates, and to the advantage of the public.
To belong to our Association is an unmistakable sign of quality and professionalism, not only in the choice and selection of exquisite products that the many windows on the Bridge already guarantee, but also and perhaps most importantly in the quality of services that are delivered both during and after all purchases.

Our Associates

Anna Maria Formigli
Bellini snc di G. Bellini & C.
Collegegold Srl
Dino Nucci
Ditta Frilli di Bernardo Gallini
Eccellenze srl
Eredi Fallaci di fallaci Elisabetta & C, sas
Fantoni Francesco & C, sas
F.lli Callai Srl
Hi - Tek Office Srl
Mastergold Srl
Mineralgold Srl
Oreficeria Piero Fallaci snc
Ponte Vecchio 10 rosso di Cilono Marcello & C sas
U Gherardi Spa