Rules for Joining the Competition

1 Aim.
The Associazione Ponte Vecchio is promoting an international Competition with the aim of creating a logo that will identify and represent the entire community of craftsmen working on the Ponte Vecchio bridge.

2 Who Can Join in the Competition.
The Competition is open to everyone aged over 18: designers, artists, visual communication professionals, and anybody keen on the subject.

3 Subject.
Participants are asked to create a distinguishing logo, to express and bring out the Ponte Vecchio craftsmen as central for our historic culture and tradition of fine craftsmanship.

4 Technical Requirements.
The logo must be distinguished, original (and therefore registered), simple, plain and intuitive: avoid redundancies, which would make it difficult to remember. The logo can be conceived both as an extreme visual synthesis (i.e. initials, monogram) and as an iconic element which refers to the Association’s official purposes.
The logo has to be easily reproducible in all formats and sizes, and adaptable to any medium and support. It has to keep identical characteristics both in the colour and black/white versions. Send the project in the colour version, with the following characteristics: dimensions 4000x4000 pixel, max 3 Megabyte, image format .jpg or .npg, white background, 72 dpi resolution. The winner will be required to provide the project on a digital support in colour and black/white, in a 300 dpi format, with all the levels open or in .ai format. Finally, texts, if present, must include the scripts fonts.

5 How to Participate.
Participants may only submit one project, that must be sent not later than November 30st, 2016 before midnight, according to the information on this page on the website . Projects received after the date mentioned above or not respecting the technical requirements will not be accepted. Upon delivering the project, all participants must accept the present set of rules and the relative acquittance. Upon receiving the prize, the winner of this Competition will hand in the original rules and release signed on every page.

6 Jury.
The Competition’s jury, whose foreman is the Association’s President, will be composed by three other members selected by the Association itself. The jury will meet within 10 days after the deadline for the projects’ delivery; they will examine and evaluate all projects, and award the prize. Participants will be informed directly. The outcome of the Competition will be published on within January, 2017.

7 Prize.
The designer of our new logo will be awarded 3000 (three thousand) Euro, inclusive of current tax.

8 Intellectual Property and Patent Rights.
It is understood that the Competition’s winner acknowledges and gives credit that intellectual property and patent rights belong exclusively to the Associazione Ponte Vecchio. The Association only, therefore, will be the owner of the finished product and everything that is related to it, including the rights of use, publication, reproduction, distribution, editing, and communication; all this, in part or entirely, and in any form and method, through any medium, with no time and space limits.
The Associazione Ponte Vecchio will have the exclusive right to register the accepted work as a logo and/or drawing or model, with no territorial or temporal limitations; the Association will maintain the right to use the work submitted and accepted for commercial purposes, as a distinguishing mark or with a decorative intent, in any category of products and services. The winner of the competition has in no way permission to use his work and the relative material without written permission of the Association.
The winner of the competition yields for free all the above mentioned rights to the Associazione Ponte Vecchio: it is to be understood that the winner has no claim to any compensation or payment for whatever future use or commercial use of their work. All participants accept the Associazione Ponte Vecchio’s rights to publish, reproduce, distribute and transmit, in part or entirely, in any form and method, through any medium, with no time and space limits, the material they send; this will be done in relation with the competition itself (i.e. public shows, publications in print, web or video, digital distribution, etc.).

9 Novelty of the Projects, and Responsibility.
The logo in the project must be original and new. All participants declare and guarantee that their work and all the material related to it are original and the exclusive fruit of their creativity, and that no one, in any way, has any claim on it, including intellectual and industrial property rights. The Associazione Ponte Vecchio takes no responsibility for the projects involved in the Competition. Participants in the Competition take all responsibility upon themselves and commit themselves to keep the Associazione Ponte Vecchio free from possible controversies, claims, requests or actions that third parties might promote in relation to whatever use the Association will make of the work and the materials.

10 Acceptance of the Competition’s rules.
Joining the Competition implies the unconditional acceptance of all the rules set herein. The Association reserves the right not to select any work participating in the competition in case the jury, whose decision is final, holds the projects unsuitable to represent the theme and objective of the Competition itself.

11 Applicable Law.
The Competition is regulated by the present set of rules and by the Italian Law, with no reference to other principles and rules.

12 Competence and Jurisdiction.
For controversies related or somehow linked to the present Competition, competence and jurisdiction are exclusively at the discretion of the Court of Florence, Italy.